The following people were elected as officers by the members of our beekeeping club.

  • Elizabeth Towe


    252 333 6965

  • Mary Morris


    252 741 0226

  • Ron Cummings


    252 331 5259

Local Queen Suppliers

The following people are part of our queen rearing program.

  • Etienne Nadeau


  • John Marshall


  • Stacy Mariner


North Carolina Honey

Use the certified honey locator map from the North Carolina State Beekeepers association to find honey from all over our state.

If you're looking for locally harvested honey from Chowan Co., here's a list of beekeepers who have a surplus on hand. Prices and quantities may vary, so be sure to inquire with the beekeeper regarding those concerns.

  • Julie & Rick Murphy


Capture a Swarm

You've found a swarm of bees on your property - what do you do now? Below a list of beekeepers in and around Chowan Co. who are equipped to capture swarms and find them a home. Learn more about swarms before contacting these folks.

  • Etienne Nadeau

    Chowan, Perquimans, Pasquotank


  • Kenny Hobbs

    Chowan, Gates, Perquimans

    (252) 562 4223

  • Rick Thomas

    Perquimans, Chowan