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Capture a Swarm

You've found a swarm of bees on your property - what do you do now?  Below is a list of beekeepers in and around Chowan County who are equipped to capture swarms and find them a home.  Here are some questions the beekeeper may ask.  

🐝Are you sure they are honeybees? (If you can, take a photo to text to the beekeeper to confirm.)

🐝Are you sure it is still there? (Swarms can pause for a just a few minutes to rest or may stay a day or more.)

🐝How high up off the ground is the swarm located? (be accurate) 

🐝If they are on a structure (e.g., piece of farm equipment), what type of structure, and are they reachable?

                                                          Swarm Coordinator          Stacey Peterson          (919) 691-8198

                      Ron Cummings                                               Chowan                                             (252) 331-5259

                      Laird Fentress                            Chowan, Perquimans, Pasquotank                      (252) 544-6431

                      Marvin Hare                                                    Chowan                                             (252) 799-6402
                      Stuart Morris                                                    Chowan                                            (252) 313-4499
Etienne Nadeau                        Chowan, Perquimans, Pasquotank                       (252) 619-7308 

If you are unable to reach someone, contact the BoCC:

or use the "Contact Us" option.

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